Description: The world of mortals: beings both good and evil with enlightenment in their grasps, yet most are blinded and consumed by their desires. The world contains the long mongol steps where Orc warlords wage war with other tribes of( semi) Nomadic tribes of human and dwarfs. Their are high mountain tops where the wind picks up the prayers of Flags and prayerwheels from the stupas and Monastarys where a thiefling monk meditates in hope to get a grip an his lower impulses like the enlightend demons of bhuddhism. The wind takes the prayers accros the green mountain platos to the heavens of the bhodisatva.

Also in The world of Nindo their are deep Jungle basins that go over into river delta’s where the ocaisionaly cities spring up are the prefered places of the asetic sects where human, dwarven and vanara deny themselves the simple pleasures of life to atain moksha. Their are long rice field patties and forests controled by the samurai clans. where gnome and kitsune bards travel on the samurai protected roads. And a ghostbride infused with the magic granted by her dead husband is on a Journey to discover the truth about his untimly dead and avenge him.

The cities are diverse and spread al over the continents. Here Tengu Rogues try to get by on theft and scrounging. A n elven Taoist mage tries to discover the secret of immortality with alchemy to escape his bad karma. Their is a great wall where gearforged warriors stand forever vigel for demonic attacks on the empire they are sworn to protect.

Races: All races.
Gods: all gods, goddesses and demons



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