History: The dragonborn have the blood of the ancient dragongod of the sea Wu-yue in their veins. The dragonborn are Wu yue’s second children acording to legend. His first children are the dragons who dwell in the worlds of the wheel of rebirth. Their are many stories about how the dragonborn and dragons came about, but this is where all stories agree on.

The stories differ on the specifics. Some stories say that the dragongod god slain by Yoboko the god of vengance who answered the prairs of an unnamed god who claimt an imagened sleight on Wu-yues part. The dragonborn where born from the droplets of blood who fell from the two halves in witch the elder dragon was cut by yoboko. Other stories tell tales how wu-yue created the dragonborn from his own blood to be the pinnacle of mortal form. He made them to walk the earth and sail the top of the seas while he gave the sky and the depths of the seas to his firstborn children. He gave the dragonborn the lofty spirit and keen mind that they share with the other mortal races.

The dragonborn see themselves as the oldest of all the races on the worlds of the wheel of rebirth. Ones long ago their clan city-states where united in a great empire but this empire has fallen to ruin centuries ago. Their are still dragonborn who long back to the empire. Most dragonborn are proud of the ancient empire. Historical awareness is important for the dragonborn and their culture and their young get thought history from an early age.

All dragonborn have an affinity for water. Most dragonborn live near the sea or at a body of water like a lake or a river. Strangly enough dragonborn are also verry at home in the dessert. They work on sandboats, run oasis taverns. Maby the rocking waves of the ever traveling sandhills of the desert feel just as home as the waves of the sea. A lot of the dragonborn live nautical lives as fishers, pirates, boatworkers, captains or pearldivers. But you find dragonborn of all walks of life in the worlds. And their mages often learn magics associate with water or rain.

The dragonborn share next to their appearance a o long memory with ther older brothers the dragons. Their memories are as deep and fathomless as the ocean and dragonborn like it to fill them. Some go into accademic persuits, other memories epic song cycles or the inventory of the village pantry.

Dragonborn take after asian dragons and may have fur next to scales almost all have whiskers like a fisch and antlers on their head. they have sleek strong bodies where they can move through water with. their knees are on the other side as with a satyr. Dragonborn come in all colors of the world blue, green, red and brown are most common. bud sand yellow, purple black and white are not unheard of

Character creation:
+1 intelligence
Choose a focus: dexterity (swimming) or intelligence (memory)
Your sight is normal
your speed is 12 – armor penalty

Role tow dice twice. If you get the same result rerole
2 +1 constitution
3-4 Focus: constitution (diving)
5 Focus; dexterity (sailing)
6 Focus intelligence (navigation)
17-8 +1 strenght
9 Focus: communication (leadership)
10-11 +1 dexterity
12 Focus: Intelligence (historical lore)



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