You are a gear construct with a soul. The first where constructed by the clerics of the goddes Rava during the great demon invasion. They where created out an act of desperation. The clerics of Rava tried to bind the souls of the death to a humanoid gear constuct. The goal was to create soldiers who could match the demon horde. Because the normal mortal soldiers where no match for the alchemies and warconstructs of the demonic horde. If the battle would have continued the way it had their soon would have been no soldiers left to defend the empire, so high was the bodycount. The succesful creation of the first gearforged changed the tide of that planar invasion. This and the weoponization of blackpowder and the constructs from the the artificer mages Made that the demon invasion was turned from a losing battle to a standstill at the afterwards constructed great wall.The first clerics told stories how the knowledge of how to transfer the soul of a mortal to a special prepared construct body whas revealed to them in their dreams by the goddess Rava

After the first succesfull construction of the gearforged the knowledge spread quickly under the clerics of Rava. You could find them on the battlefields transfering the souls of the dying in the gearconstruct bodies. Quikly the knowledge spread beyond the empire and through Rava’s grace even to the other worlds on the wheel of rebirth. The Gearforged are the favored creation of the goddess Rava and she reffers to them as her children.

The first gearforged where created from the souls of the dying but there are also people who willingly let them selves be transformed to a gearforged because their honor compeled them or because they desire immortality. Some clans give the gift of becoming a gearforged as the ultimate reward to their samurai. So that they may loyaly serve the familie through the generations. Some other people employ it as a punichment to trap somebody in a mechanical body for all eternity and let it rust away in some jail.

The gearforged are respected and at the same time feared through the realms. Respected because of their might in battle and that they sacrificed their mortal body for the best of the empire. Feared because they are so unnatural. The races with a close connection to the natural world as the Vanara , Elves and Dryad are mostly warry of the gearforged. But races who love technologie like Dwarves , Gnomes and Thiefling eagerly offer their services and friendship to the gearforged.

Character creation
- +1 strenght
- Choose a focus fighting: (weapon group) or Focus Constitution: (stamina)
- Start with 4 armor rating
- Can’t play mage
vision: normal
speed: 10 -armor penalty
language: common

Role 2 dice two times if the result is the same rerole
2 + 1 Constitution
3-4 Focus strenght: (might)
5 Focus intelligence: (engineering)
6 Focus Dexterity (crafting)
7-8 + 1 Strenght
9 Focus:strenght: (smitthing)
10-11 Focus: wilpower (selfcontrole)
12 + 1 accuracy



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