History: The Gnomes believe the first of their race where created by the goddess Maya. The story goes likt this: One day the goddess heard a verry sad voice. It came from the source of her magic deep within her. and it sead “I wish I could leave this place and see the worlds that the other gods tel tales about when they visit”. Does it have to be my fate to be confined to this heaven. The Goddess took pity on the Source of her magic and offerd it that she could take a part of it and give it a body and sent it down to the worlds to explore. But only a part the rest had to stay with her in her heaven forever. The voice of her magic was sad that not all of it could explore the worlds of the wheel. “But a part was better than nothing”, it thought. She was sure that as a part of her was exploring the worlds it would be as al of her was exploring the world. So she quikly agreed.

The goddess started creating. With her power of illusions the goddess gave the source of magic the illusion that she was seperated from a part of her self they where sepperated from this source and from eachother. With this illusion she divides the raw magic inside her into smal parts, so that there was more that could go experience and explore. She made every Gnome diferent and uniek as was to be expected from the goddess of creativitie. “They may be a little smal” the goddess thought as she sent them down to the worlds, “but their spirrit whil make more than up for that”.

The Gnomes of the worlds share the aspect of being creative free thinkers with the goddess whom created them and they have knack for invention. With the source of magic they share an urge for exploration and a life well lived. Gnomes are constantly looking for new experiences. They always want to know what is on the other side of the hill or build a machine that nobody has seen before. They may settle down for a while, but they will eventualy be looking for a new experience. Gnomes hope, when they after many, many rebirths return into the heaven of Maya, that they can become one again with it and that it will be as if it lived those many lives it self.

The gnomes are a short race only 3feet/1meter tall. their skin and skin colors kan be extreme like red, blue, orange and yellow. the have verry long eyebrows that stick outside their face.

Character creation
+1 perception
Choose one focus: Intelligence: inventing or Intelligence: exploring
Your sight is normal
Your speed is 8 – armor penalty

Role two dice two times if you have the same result re-role
2 +1 wilpower
3-4 Focus intelligence: (arcane lore)
5 Focus; perception:( illusions)
6 Focus intelligence: (engineering)
7-8 +1 Communication
9 Focus: communication (charming)
10-11 +1 dexterity
12 Focus: dexterity (dodging)


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