Legend says that the vanara are the decendent of the monkey army of the monkey king Hanuman. who later through trickery, loyalty, friendship and pennance became immortal and divine. He granted a part of his intelligence to his loyal army so that they would be exalted above the animals and could walk the path of enlightenment. Most Vanara settelments are designed round a monastarie and monastic life. They prefer rural life but can also be found living in cities.

Character creation
+1 dexterity
your sight is normal
your speed is 12 – armor penalty

Choose a focus: strenght (climbing) or dexterity (acrobatics).

Role two dice two times if you have the same result re-role
2 +1 acuracy
3-4 Focus wilpower: (self controle)
5 Focus; intelligence: (meditation)
6 Focus weponry: (unarmed)
7-8 +1 wilpower
9 Focus: constitution: (stamina)
10-11 +1 dexterity
12 Focus: intelligence: (nature lore)


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